Things to Do for IEC Students

At IEC, we design our student activities to focus on cultural acquisition while exposing students to a non- academic setting of English language use. Our activities are based on local events and attractions as well as student trips to further located places of interest.

Some of our most popular activities include tours of local Universities such as UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC San Francisco and Stanford as well as visits to San Francisco’s famous landmarks, Lake Tahoe and Napa Valley. We have also offered student trips to world renowned locations such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Santa Cruz Beach, Huntington Beach and Yosemite.

IEC provides opportunities for students to travel outside of the local area with friends and cohorts while being supervised by our Activity Director of IEC Staff. Most of our trips are offered at a largely discounted price.

IEC also focuses on providing students with several week-day activities to help students socialize with their peers outside of class. IEC regularly visits the local bowling alley, pool hall, Farmer’s Market, Movie Theater, frozen yogurt and coffee shops. We often have activities planned that include cooking classes, laser tag, karaoke and basketball. IEC also makes it a priority to familiarize students with their local neighborhood after arriving in the United States.

Many IEC teachers will offer extra credit to students that provide proof of attendance for activities. Be sure to ask IEC Staff and your teacher about this opportunity.

The activities we offer at IEC are designed to help students practice their use of English language, to help reduce the severity of culture shock and help students embrace their new lives abroad while helping create friendships and a sense of community amongst peers and classmates. For specific activity inquiries and/or activity suggestions, please contact us here.

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