Apartments and Hotels

There are many apartments in our area, and each varies in cost, location, and services. The closest apartments are a short 2-minute walk from the IEC building. Apartments are generally rented by students who plan to live in the apartment for a period of six months or longer. Occasionally, short-term apartment stays are available for students. IEC has on-site apartment information, which is available for all students to review.

Additionally, Diablo Valley Homestay can provide contact information for the closest apartments, as well as detailed information about the rental process, including the basic requirements for international students.

For more information, please visit, or contact Fia Parker.


There are several hotels within a 3-mile radius of IEC. Look at the Hotel Information (Word Document) to see a list of hotels and contact information. We are working with some hotels to arrange long-term stays.

Questions? Ask Fia Parker.

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