Summer Bridge Academic Program

Bridge Program Testimonials

I appreciate Bridge Program most. That’s a great program! I got 6 transferrable units to fulfill “IGETC” which are requirement courses to UC or CSU. Not only that, I could register DVC courses earlier than new students. There are tutors, study groups, weekly activities and several lectures especially for Bridge Program students. It helps me a lot in English and living. I was so happy and enjoyed my study at IEC. Welcome to IEC!


Kaiyin "Vicky" Yu, China 2012

The summer bridge program was great! I enjoyed it so much! The classes were interesting; the teachers were very patient to international students and the aides were very helpful. Not only did I study in class, I also went to field trips. Tips for incoming DVC students: join this program and you won't regret it!

Mimin Meliyani, Jakarta, Indonesia

DVC is the best place for studying. The city of Pleasant Hill is safe and nice, and the weather is comfortable. It is not too far from downtown San Francisco. On the weekends, I can go to San Francisco for shopping and relaxation. This program helps me adapt to the US education system and to achieve my goals.

Aulia, Indonesia

Studying at DVC is the best time of my life. I have friends from many different countries and I learned about their cultures. This program is both academic and fun. I had some great experiences. You have to come to experience it yourself.

Della, Indonesia

I am so glad that I joined the Summer Bridge Program before going to DVC. This program helped me adjust to the new environment, US education system, and culture. After studying in this program, I am much better prepared for college and university studies. Bravo!

Elizabeth, Indonesia

A high TOEFL score does not guarantee academic success. It takes much more than English proficiency to be successful in our studies. I feel very fortunate that I went through the Summer Academic Bridge Program because I had learned practical study skills from tutors, peers and Academic Success Workshops. This program let me expand my social circle and adjust to the American culture.

Roongroj, Thailand

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