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Ting (Taiwan)

Hossein (Kuwait)

 I decided to come to the DVC and attend the Summer Bridge Program because I heard that it has many benefits to freshman international students. The bridge program helped me reach my goals by getting used to the life and the way of the studying here. I really appreciate that and now I’m totally ready for the fall semester. I know how to prepare for my college homework and tests, take notes, and deal with the educational system in the United States.

I would tell students thinking about studying in the DVC Academic Bridge Program that the environment is really good at DVC for the students who want to know the educational system in the United States and that they have amazing staff and student aides. You can find the answer for any question and they will help you out to build your future up.

What I liked best about the Summer Bridge Program was when the instructors let the students work with each other and make study groups which really helped me and many other students because some students are afraid to ask questions to the teacher or the instructor. It’s easy for students to ask their classmates so I liked the "group work" a lot.

Hassanain “Hasson” Al Janabi, Summer Bridge 2013, Dubai

Hassanain “Hasson” Al Janabi, Summer Bridge 2013, Dubai

Yuki Yamamoto: Spring 2013 Abe & Nomura Scholarship winner. Congratulations! We know that Yuki will continue to find academic and personal success, a great example of the advantages one can gain by studying with IEC!

Yuki Yamamoto, Japan, 2013


IEC provides a series of well-rounded courses for students, ranging from grammar, reading, writing to listening and speaking. I learned how to write formal essays in MLA format and how to draft a research paper starting from using database for information collection.  Besides, my skills of giving presentations and discussion leading were improved a lot, which prepared me for public speech in college life. IEC is also trying to better students’ life by organizing exciting activities. I made a lot of friends from different cultures and above all, had a lot of fun.

IEC helped me improve my English skills a lot and enabled me to be placed in the highest level of English course through assessment test in college. Some skills that I learned in IEC will not be taught any longer in DVC, for instance, how to use MLA format and how to write American-style essay in a proper way. As a result, IEC is the only place that we can learn these useful skills.

Please do not hesitate to come to IEC before getting into a college. It’s a fantastic program that prepares you for real college life. I truly believe that coming here for studies benefits students enormously. In addition to knowledge, you can gain experiences that those who fail to come will never have.

What makes me really impressed is that teachers in IEC not only give sound classes but also care about the students. I will never forget when I was getting trouble with my research paper at a midnight, I sent an email to my teacher, Beth. To my surprise, she sacrificed her time for sleeping to find a lot of useful statistics and thesis for me and gave me great suggestions about how to revise my writing. Also, when I was getting confused with some transferring issues and college life, my pregnant instructor, Ali used much of her spare time to search for sources of information that could help me. When it came to transferring, Briana was always there, providing me with all kinds of very critical information and helped me succeed in the college life. There were also many instructors, staff and student workers who didn’t really know me but never failed to give me a lot of assistance selflessly. Studying and living in IEC was really a pleasure. I viewed it as my second family in United States where students never need to worry about the academic work or daily-life issues because there is always a considerate group of people that back students up.

Having studied in DVC for couple of months, I met a lot of students in IEC who came to our club CSA or just came to me, asking a series of questions about DVC.  To my knowledge, CSA (Chinese Students Association in DVC) organized some workshops in IEC in the past to help the students better adjust life in DVC and got some very practical information which were often not referred by official documents to the students. Students who are about to transfer or just transfer often come across many confusing problems which could prevent them succeeding quickly in college. CSA, as one of the biggest clubs on campus would still like to hold some workshops in IEC, not only for Chinese students but for the benefits of all the IEC students as a whole.  We are looking forward to seeing more students from IEC achieving their goals in DVC and CSA is looking forward to having more cooperation with IEC. We appreciate that! 

Kevin Tian, China, 2013

"My experience at IEC was great! I learned a lot thanks to my teachers and met people from all over the world. IEC helped me reach my goals by providing a good education. I took 2 sessions at IEC and I got (a qualifying score on the) TOEFL test. I decided to go to DVC to study Business Marketing. I would tell (future students), “Come to IEC! Improve your English by having a lot of fun.”

Khalida Bougachouche, France, 2013 

I came to IEC for improving my English and preparing American college studies with local students. That is a nice school even like an international family. I love teachers, students and weekly activities here, which are good for me to know more about American studies and living.  

Kaiyin "Vicky" Yu, China 2012
I wanted to start a new journey of studying in the U.S.A. I heard of the reputation that IEC and DVC had and it encouraged me to come. IEC helped me achieve my goals because the teachers really encourage the students. The environment here at IEC is like being at home. You don’t even notice, but you are now part of a family! Students that are thinking about studying at IEC and DVC are going to be so happy and relieved. They will end up speaking English perfectly.

At DVC my overall experience has been amazing, challenging, and worthy! DVC helped me in reaching the academic level I need for transferring to a university. There is a lot of dedication among the students.

Bernardo Diaz, Peru  
Eche Diaz
I came to IEC because my IELTS score was low and I needed to improve my English before going to DVC. It was fun meeting people from other countries and by mixing the classes with people who spoke other languages; it helped me improve my English. The best part about IEC is the activities. I like to travel and got to see many new places with IEC. I also loved the activities that were free.

Sultan Al Khubaisi, Qatar
Sultan Al Khubaisi, Qatar

Min Hyun Park began studying at IEC in October of 2003 and completed 3 sessions. After completing her English studies at IEC Min Hyun transferred to Diablo Valley College and then onto San Jose State University. Min Hyun received her bachelor’s degree in Linguistics in Fall 2009 and is currently working on her master’s degree in Teaching English as a Second Language. She will graduate in Spring 2012 and plans to return to Korea in 3-4 years to pursue her career.

Min Hyun Park, 2003

Min Hyun Park, 2003

Sangwoo Lee began his studies at IEC in October of 2003 as well and remains close friends with Min Hyun Park. After completing his English program at IEC, Sangwoo went on to Diablo Valley College and then transferred to UCLA in the fall of 2006 to major in Electrical Engineering. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering he decided to pursue a master’s degree in the same field. Upon applying to graduate schools with Electrical Engineering programs, Sangwoo received acceptance to the University of San Diego (UCSD), the University of Illinois, USC, and Cornell University. He ultimately decided to attend the University of San Diego (UCSD) where he completed his graduate degree studies and has returned to Korea to work for a multinational conglomerate corporation.

Sangwoo Lee, 2003

Mohammad Alabdullah, Kuwait, 2011

“I came to IEC to learn English. I have just finished two sessions. I feel better than before because my speaking and grammar are very good. The kind of education here in the U.S. is very good. It is different from the education in my country. Here at IEC I learn English, but also things like U.S. history and culture. It is a mixture of English education and gaining knowledge in different areas of American culture. IEC has very good teachers and a good education system. The staff at IEC make the students feel like they are among family. They are also very helpful.”

Mohammad Alabdullah, Kuwait, 2011

Mohammad Alabdullah, Kuwait, 2011
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Cher is from Taipei, Taiwan and graduated from IEC in 2003. After transferring to DVC Cher went on to USC to earn her Bachelor’s degree in Business Finance. Cher graduated from USC in 2008 and is currently residing in Southern California and is working at a bank. She will be returning to Taiwan next month to further her career in her home country and pursue multiple job offers.

While recalling her experiences at IEC, she remembers that her favorite things about the school were the opportunities she was granted to make new friends, learn about the cultures of her peers, participate in activities, and the Homestay program.

Cher Hsu, Taiwan

Cher Hsu

Kosuke is from Japan and also graduated from IEC in 2003. Kosuke then attended DVC and after completing his transfer program went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication at UC Berkeley. In addition, Kosuke was also accepted to UCLA. Upon graduation Kosuke returned to Japan and is working in a large Japanese corporation Kosuke’s favorite things about IEC were his opportunities to get to know others from different cultures, making long lasting friendships, developing his English language skills, and also receiving college preparation from his teachers.

Kosuke Mizukami, Japan


"IEC is a great school! It not only helped me to improve my English skills. It also helped me overcome cultural shock and homesickness when I first came to the USA. The instructors were wonderful. They encouraged us to speak in English and not to be shy. The classes were full of fun and interactions. We had grammar, reading and speaking classes where I learned how to write proper essays and deliver effective presentations. We had various field trips to San Francisco, local museums and parks. We also had the great opportunities to celebrate American holidays in the American way. After IEC, I was fully prepared for college. I went to DVC where I took my first business class and received a high-quality education. When I look back now, I am sure that I have selected the right schools. I am now an MBA student in San Francisco State University. Everything that I learned at IEC and DVC has helped me a lot in my studies and professional career."

Maria Lyan – Nov 2009, Uzbekistan

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“It takes more than English proficiency to be successful in college. At IEC, I improved on my presentation and research paper writing skills which are crucial to my success in college education.”

Chong-in Song, South Korea



“I would like to major in International Business in UC Berkeley. IEC offers a great environment for me to improve my English fast. I learn Academic English which will be useful for my major. I have lots of opportunities to speak English with my classmates from other countries. There are many exciting activities to join, such as the International Party in Berkeley where I met international students from other schools.”

Michael Bacigalupo, Genova, Italy

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"My goal is to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in the USA. I learned about the US education system and the pathways to transfer to prestigious universities at IEC. I enjoyed the small classes and interactions with classmates and teachers."

Maria Joao Pereira, Portugal


I came to IEC to improve my English before I go to college. IEC is a great starting place for me. The teachers and my host family helped me a lot to adapt to the new way of life in the USA. I improved my English pretty fast and have made a lot of friends. The activities are great ways to learn about the American culture and meet people.

Khadija Naciri, Morocco


I spoke little English when I first came here. I improved quite a lot after one month. The teachers are very friendly and encouraging. Now, I have friends from Germany, France and other countries. They are interested in my culture. I joined the activities too. I went to San Francisco, bowling and play pool with my teachers and classmates.

Amine Dehbaoui, Morocco


Derek Cheang

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