IEC Teacher Profile - Carolyn Peipher

Carolyn Peipher Carolyn Peipher, an IEC teacher for the past 5 years, has been tasked with coordinating IEC’s re- accreditation due in March 2016. This is no easy task! To begin preparing for this, Carolyn went to Toronto for a full week of ESL training. For the first 2 days, Carolyn attended workshops hosted by the Commission on English Language Accreditation (CEA). In Carolyn’s words, the training was “so invigorating” as she was meeting and working with English language program faculty and staff from around the world, all committed to making their respective program the best they can according to CEA standards.

The next 3 days Carolyn went to a TESOL training conference, also in Toronto! She immersed herself in workshops on how to use video in classes, online tools to take classes polls, and how to use Googledocs in writing and grammar class. The conference had a large focus on how to use technology to improve classroom teaching and learning. In the end, she summed up the conference as a time to connect with professionals, pick up more resources to be used in the class, and improve on teaching. She is now back at IEC and sharing everything she learned in Toronto with all of us! Thanks Carolyn!

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