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Visctoria Reypin, Abe Nomura Scholarship RecipientEvery year IEC offers a variety of scholarship types to organizations and individuals around the world as a means to support students in their goal to learn English.  IEC also receives a number of international students who are scholarship recipients from their home country government and related organizations. Lastly, two times a year, IEC gives a current student a $500 scholarship award to honor the memory of two students who passed away while studying at IEC.

IEC is proud to be able to provide support to our international partners and students and is equally honored to receive students on a scholarship from their government. Please contact IEC if you would like more information on scholarship opportunities.

Partner Scholarships:

Matty’s School of English
Education USA Almaty Advising Center
International Cross-Cultural Committee (Japan)
NIC (Japan)

Government Sponsored Scholarships:

IREX – Tunisia Community College Scholarship Program – Thomas Jefferson Scholarship
Mexico Proyecta 100,000

IEC Scholarships:

Satoru Abe & Masatoshi Nomura Scholarship

Meet Our Scholarship Recipients

Na Ri Yoon (aka: Lina) – Abe Numura Scholarship
This November 2015, Na Ri Yoon, an IEC student from January-June 2015 is our winner. Na Ri is originally from South Korea. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Taipei, Taiwan in International Business and then moved to the Bay Area in California to improve her English at IEC and pursue an Accounting certificate at Diablo Valley College. Na Ri loves California and hopes to find work here in the future and perhaps do a Master’s degree. Congratulations again to Na Ri Yoon!



Marina, ICC Scholarship RecipientMarina Tani – ICC Japan Scholarship
"I came to IEC through an agency in Japan – ICC. They gave me $1000 to help with tuition which was great! I ended up choosing IEC because my brother went to school here and he said I would meet a lot of friends from all over the world and be exposed to many new cultures. After IEC, I transferred to DVC. My goal is to get into UC Davis to study Zoology or Biology. I still have about a year and a half more at DVC. I really loved IEC and miss it a lot, especially the teachers who are really good at taking care of the students. My advice to students is to stay active in class and in activities. It is the best way to make friends and improve your English. I also recommend volunteering to meet American friends and improve your resume for college and future jobs. I’m very happy I came to IEC and thank ICC for the scholarship!”

Marina, ICC Scholarship RecipientTahani Taba & Hela Aleym – 2015 IREX Thomas Jefferson Scholarship
Congratulations to Tahani Taba and Hela Aleymi – 2015 IREX Thomas Jefferson Scholarship winners from Tunisia! Tahani and Hela are studying at IEC for one session and will transfer to DVC in the Fall 2015 to study Business Administration. 




Marina, ICC Scholarship RecipientSeiji Saito – 2015 Matty’s School of English Speech Contest Winner
Welcome Seiji to IEC! Seiji won Matty’s School of English speech contest and was awarded a scholarship to study English at IEC. Congratulations!




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