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IEC hosts University of Nagasaki group !

University of Nagasaki

For the last month, IEC has hosted 10 students from the University of Nagasaki. Over the course of the month, these students have not only improved their English but they explored Northern California and made a lot of new friends. We will miss seeing them on campus. Come back soon!

IEC Welcomes 90 new students to Session 5!

IEC welcomed 90 new students from around the world on August 31st, 2015 for Session 5. Students came from France, Belgium, China, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Turkey, Indonesia, Taiwan, South Korea, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Japan and even Burkino Faso! So far the students have enjoyed a welcome BBQ, a trip to San Francisco, and a free movie along with many other school-related activities.

IEC welcomes 80 new students for Session 4!

Session 4 orientation  Session 4 orientation  Session 4 orientation  Session 4 orientation

Students have come from all over the world to study English at IEC. Some countries represented include Mexico, Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey, Uzbekistan, China, Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. We look forward to getting to new everyone over the next 8 weeks!

IEC teacher, Jeff Puccini reflects on his experience as an English Language Fellow (ELF) in El Salvador

In 2012, I was the English Language Fellow (ELF) in El Salvador. The ELF program is sponsored by the US State Department, and each year selects “talented, highly qualified U.S. educators” to teach in countries all over the world. I was based at Don Bosco University, near the capital, San Salvador, and taught courses for students who were majoring to become English teachers. It was extremely rewarding and exciting to work with these students because many of them came from very poor areas, and becoming English teachers would provide them, and their families, with new opportunities. In addition to teaching at the university, I also visited universities throughout the country and gave a variety of workshops for English teachers. I was also fortunate to deliver workshops in Costa Rica and Guatemala. However, the whole year was not spent only working! My wife came with me, and we had many opportunities to visit the beautiful places in El Salvador, for example, the amazing beaches, scenic coffee farms, and majestic volcanoes. Although El Salvador is notorious for crime and violence, the natural beauty and friendly people are the things I will remember the most. Throughout my travels, I was grateful for my experiences and now that I am back home in California, I will always carry a piece of El Salvador with me. Jeff Puccini October 2, 2013

IEC teacher, Clarissa, presents at Extensive Reading World Congress in Korea

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Teacher Clarissa presented at The Extensive Reading World Congress, held at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea, September 13-15. This was a three-day gathering of scholars, educators, writers and publishers for the purpose of discussing and promoting the theory and practice of extensive reading in second language education. The conference was hosted by The Korean English Extensive Reading Association (KEERA) and The Korea Association of Foreign Languages Education (KAFLE) and the KOTESOL ER-Sig and KICE. During the conference, Clarissa presented on two topics. One was titled “Readability & Writing Simple: A Review of Literature,” and the other was “Managing Books with Delicious Library.” Highlights for her included the getting the chance to talk with Paul Nation, Rob Waring, and Averil Coxhead, as well as getting together with her Korean grad school classmates, co-workers, and students. For more information on the conference, go to

IEC teacher, Lobar, receives IEP Level Teacher Development Award

Teacher Lobar received the IEP Level Teacher Development Award from CATESOL (California Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages). In the spring, Lobar applied for this award by submitting a lesson plan comparing cultures, which included talking about rites of passage, telling about important events in their home culture, identifying taboos in American culture and try to be polite, identifying the similarities and differences between various cultures, and giving a 2-minute presentation on a cultural topic. As the winner, Lobar has been invited to travel to the CATESOL Annual Conference in San Diego and will attend the President’s Luncheon and accept the award of $500.

IEC teacher Beth Wadell Presents at Moroccan Teachers' Conference

In January, 2013 IEC sent teacher Beth Wadell to Marrakech, Morocco for the 33rd Annual Conference of the Moroccan Association of Teachers of English. Beth gave a presentation on "Responding to Challenging Issues of Gender and Sexual Identity" and met with teachers from the Middle East, North Africa, the US, and Great Britain.

IEC teachers Kate Frei and Beth Wadell Present at International Teachers' Conference

In March, Kate and Beth traveled to Philadelphia to present their research on sexual identity in the English classroom at the international conference of TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages). Their article "Professional Development through Inquiry: Addressing Sexual Identity in TESOL" was also recently published in the CATESOL Journal.

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Attention IEC Students!

We have great news for you! Are you looking for an apartment? IEC now has a guaranteed apartment living option for students at Northridge and Brookside apartments. ALL apartments are fully furnished and will be available in January! Attached you will find a flyer with more information on how to apply and secure your room. Flyers are also available in the IEC lobby. All apartments are shared 2 bedrooms with your choice of a shared room or a private room.

Rent including ALL furniture and ALL utilities (water, garbage, internet, electricity) is $650 per month for a shared room (2 people) OR $1,100 for a private room (you only; no sharing room or bathroom). Rent is paid per session which is 8 weeks of study.

Rent Per Session (8 weeks of study)
Shared Room = $1300 per person ($650 per month) including ALL furniture and utilities
Private Room = $2200 1 person ($1100 per month) including ALL furniture and utilities

IEC and DVC have teamed together with Rexidence Residential Services to bring you this option. TO APPLY complete an online application at this link and select “Diablo Valley College.” To learn more about Rexidence Residential Services please visit their website at or contact Managing Director Baha Yildirum by email at

IEC Application Deadlines!

Please visit the IEC Admissions page for the latest application deadline information.

IEC Teacher, Joshua Kurzwell's new book published!

Congratulations to our teacher, Joshua Kurzwell, on publication of this new book, Understanding Teaching Through Learning! Click here for a downloadable pdf of the review that appeared in English Teaching Professional.


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IEC News & Announcement Archives


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Only English at IEC

Beginning on January 3, 2011 IEC will become an Only English environment. We are very excited about this and feel that it will be a tremendous benefit to all of our students. We recognize that it may be difficult at times, but we ask all current and future students to agree to this policy.

Our expectation of students, staff, faculty and visitors is: Only English will be spoken within IEC.
If you do not feel that you can do this or that you do not wish to do this, we respect your decision and we will help you find another language program.

As with most change, this may be initially difficult. We believe that if we join together and encourage each other to only use English in the hallways, kitchen, computer labs, etc. this will quickly become the norm. Students will see their fluency and comfort level in English improve.

Five IEC teachers present at the 2011 Northern Regional CATESOL conference.

On November 5 at UC Davis, 5 IEC teachers presented at the Regional CATESOL Conference. Allison Tubio and Anrisa Fannin presented on “Top Ten Tips for Tired Teachers” Kate Frei and Beth Wadell presented on "Sexual Identity in the ESL Classroom." Lobar Glenn led a poster session on “Using Classroom Improvisation to Raise Learners’ Pragmatic Awareness” .Download Apartment Info pdf

DVC Int'l Students Transfer Success!

Today, we have some exciting updates for you. In June 2010, 335 international students transferred from Diablo Valley College to 4‐year universities. Most of them transferred to the University of California campuses. Below are some breakdowns for your reference.

Amongst the 335 international students who transferred in Fall 2010: 62% transferred to the University of California campuses (such as UC Berkeley, UCLA) 27% transferred to UC Berkeley.

Some of them transferred to private universities and great universities outside of California, such as, Brown University, Johns Hopkins, SUNY, University of Illinois‐Champaign, University of Michigan Ann Arbor, University of Texas, University of Oregon and University of Southern California.

This transfer success has once again showcased the dedication and consistent hard work of our international students. Your students can follow their path and be transferred to a great university in the near future.

Abe and Nomura Scholarship Nominees

As you already know, our Abe and Nomura Scholarship incentive is very strong, and we will announce the next winner on Thursday, May 12 at 3:30pm. We will also take the opportunity to give away Long Service Awards to faculty and staff.

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DVC email service is down from Dec 20 to 23, 2010

Our email service will be down from Dec 20 to 23, 2010 for maintenance. If you would like to email us during this period, please contact us through our alternate email

IEC is closed for the holidays

IEC office will be closed from Dec 21 to 27, 2010 and from Dec 31 to Jan 2, 2011 (all dates are inclusive).

IEC celebrates 11th International Education Week

On November 16th, IEC celebrated 11th International Education Week. International Education Week is an opportunity to celebrate the benefits of international education and exchange worldwide. This joint initiative of the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education is part of our efforts to promote programs that prepare Americans for a global environment and attract future leaders from abroad to study, learn, and exchange experiences in the United States. The event at IEC was huge success. We started off with an exciting Zumba performance by two Brazilian Zumba instructors, Raquel Call and Juliana Romano. Zumba program combines Latin and international music with dance in an effort to make exercise fun. Then, our students visited different stations where they tried different foods and drinks such American peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Chinese sesame balls, Korean Kimchi, Middle-Eastern pita bread and hummus, Mexican tortilla chips and salsa and Brazilian guarana soda. There was also another station with artifacts from various countries and a station where the students sang their national anthem with pride. The event had the participation of all 160 students, 12 teachers and staff.

10th IEC Thanksgiving Lunch Party

On November 23rd, IEC celebrated its 10th Thanksgiving Lunch party for all students, faculty and staff. The food was delicious and the atmosphere was very welcoming and warm. We also announced the winner of the Abe and Nomura Scholarship: Kido Kim. Before the event, teachers taught about the importance of Thanksgiving in the US and got everyone ready for Black Friday.

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IEC Student Decorate XMAS Tree

On Monday, December 6th, IEC students participated in a tree decoration, make ginger bread houses and taste a warm cup of apple cider to keep the cold away.

IEC Celebrates 10th Anniversary!

IEC will be celebrated its 10th anniversary on May 6 2010 with a big party! It has been a very rewarding journey and for IEC and we were thrilled to celebrate and honor all those who have made history here. Read more

Summer Bridge Program 2010

Our Summer Bridge Program 2010 is just around corner! We will have about 60 students who will be taking English and Oceanography classes and will earn 6 transferable units to UC and CSU. Some of the events planned for the Summer Bridge are: seminar series, rafting, Yosemite trip, UC Berkeley and San Francisco State University visits and much more.

Japanese students wins IEC scholarship in speech contest

Matty’s school of English in Japan had its own speech contest in April 2010. In a new partnership with IEC, the winner would be awarded a free four-week program in the summer. Her name is Risa Arai and she is the winner, who will be joining us in the July session in 2010. Welcome and congratulations to Ms. Arai.

Abe and Nomura Scholarship Nominees

As you already know, our Abe and Nomura Scholarship incentive is very strong, and we would like to take this opportunity to broadcast the names of the students from session 1 2010 who were nominated: Jimmy Larsen (Thailand), Jiseon Yoon (Korea), Sami Gowara (Afghanistan), Koung Su Park (Korea), Ahn Minho (Korea), Eividas Petrulis (Lithuania), Bianca Khosasi (Indonesia), Prin Ratanatasaniya (Thailand), Xi Yang (China), Yongmin Bae (Korea) and Lian Feng Yu (China). Keep up the good work and let us cross our fingers for our next winner.

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Sushi Party

We had a really fun Sushi Party on February 17th. Our activities coordinator, Nicole Hisamoto, brought all her talent as a sushi master and taught our hungry eaters how to make their own. You see? You can learn many different things at IEC!

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering in the US is a cultural experience that you cannot miss. Every session at IEC, you have a chance to experience that. On February 12th, twelve volunteers donated their time and love and spent time with children at the Concord Child Care. And, on March 5th, 9 students participated in a tour of the American Red Cross in Pleasant Hill learning more about the Red Cross and how they can volunteer. It is a great opportunity for you to develop your social and speaking skills.

International Education Day at IEC

We celebrated International Education Day at IEC in November and it was a great success. Students watched an Irish dance performance, participated in a trivia contest and tasted food samplers from different countries.

Conversation Partner Program

DVC students and the Co-op department work together so students can get credits and help IEC students to improve their English and acclimate themselves to life in California. The Conversation Partner meets with a small group of students and brainstorm with them topics of their interest to be discussed throughout the session or semester.return to top

DVC Info Sessions

In 2009, IEC offered 6 DVC info sessions to help IEC students with the transition to DVC admission and requirements. Our sessions are open to anyone who is interested in transferring to DVC. The partnership with DVC allows students to have a more personalized approach and get instruction on the step-by-step from sending an application to doing to online orientation and registering for classes. In 2010, IEC will continue with this initiative to benefits hundreds of students who pursue their dream to get into college.

DVC Drop-in Sessions

IEC also offers drop-in sessions with DVC international student counselor, Mark Isham, who has donated over 10 hours of his time to help our students get answers related to registration or what major to pursue. Mark is scheduled to finish his fall semester sessions on Dec. 16th. He helps students understand the pre-requisites they need in order to transfer to a four-year college where students will receive their bachelor’s degree.

Medical Insurance Reminder!

Please be reminded that medical insurance is mandatory. Please renew your own insurance or your insurance through IEC before it expires.



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