Our Mission Statement

The mission of the intensive English language program at the International Education Center at Diablo Valley College is to facilitate the acquisition of English for non-native speakers, to prepare them both linguistically and culturally for academic studies and success at the college and/or university level.

We follow our mission by:

  1. Maximizing student learning through a student-centered approach to teaching English.
  2. Designing class activities that aid the expansion and refinement of the four skills - reading, writing, listening and speaking.
  3. Improving the study and higher-level thinking skills of our students.
  4. Encouraging our students to develop academic and personal skills in cross-cultural relationships through the exploration of key people, places and ideas in American culture and other cultures.
  5. Implementing select assessment tools for placement accuracy, verification of progress, and recognition of learning.
  6. Providing both academic counseling and personal support.
  7. Offering a variety of extracurricular activities.
  8. Establishing policies that clearly define and regulate the efficient operation of the program.
  9. Fostering a supportive, professional environment among faculty and administration.
  10. Providing well-qualified instructors teaching in an intensive schedule.

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