Celebrating 10 Years of Academic Success! 2000-2010

On Thursday, May 6th, 2010 IEC celebrated its 10th anniversary. The party was awesome! We had live music, delicious food and positive vibe from all our guests. Aleks Ilich, Director of International Education at the Contra Costa Community College District, who is an integral part of IEC, played his guitar and entertained the crowd. His stepdaughter, Alicia, who is one of our students performed an elegant Nicaraguan dance. We were all enchanted by her graceful moves and the beautiful colors of her costume. We awarded staff and faculty: Dennis Imada and Suzanned Stoddard for their 10 years of service, Josh Kurzweil, Anrisa Fannin, Sally Conover and Effie Ip for their 5 years of service. The Abe and Nomura scholarship winner also received his prize. Koung Su Park (Kyle) from Korea was awarded $500 for his beautifully descriptive essay about his life changing experience after he started studying in the US. Moreover, our agent incentive program had its first winner and we are very glad to award our partner in Japan, Ryugakusite, that won a mini fam trip to California to visit our office in Pleasant Hill. We also had the pleasure to receive guests from San Francisco State University.

Best wishes from IEC alumni...

Hiroe Suzuki
Tokyo, Japan

Happy Birthday and congratulations to IEC! I transferred to DVC after IEC and I will transfer to a 4-year university this Fall. Two of my fondest memories of IEC are:

  • Presentations in Dennis’s Listening and Speaking class -- I was shocked when he said he would record everyone’s presentation by his video camera. I remember I was so nervous during those presentations. Now I think it was very good training for us.
  • Yosemite trip in the summer 2007 – That was the greatest experience in my life. I could see and feel the greatness of Mother Nature. I was rejuvenated by the energy of nature and I acquired a new perspective in life. I really appreciate the life changing experience that I got from this IEC activity.
Gloria Guan
Beijing, China

Happy 10th Anniversary to IEC! I am an IEC student from 2007-2008. When I came to IEC, the students were about half the size of the current population. My first Listening & Speaking class teacher was Josh. He taught us how to chat with people, and also how to present ourselves in front of others. My presentation skills improved in his class because Josh used a lot of examples. That made me understand easily, and because of the success from the presentation skills he taught us, I became more confident. After I graduated from IEC, I went to Diablo Valley College directly. Because I went through IEC first, I felt that it was easier for me to adapt to DVC classes and be successful. I took some English classes and it was not so hard to write essays, because I learned the writing methods at IEC already. Hopefully, I will transfer to a 4-year university this year.


Evan Huang
Taipei, Taiwan

Happy 10th to IEC! I studied at IEC in 2006 to 2007. When I first started, my English was very limited, and I was scared to speak or write. Thanks to the patience of the IEC teachers. I felt that my English improved every month. The scariest assignment was class presentation because I never had to do presentation in Taiwan. I still remember the 5-minute presentation that I did in front of 2 classes. That was my most unforgettable presentation. The essay writing skills that I learned at IEC helped me a lot in my DVC classes. I miss the activities too. Back then, we did not have as many activities as there are today. I still remember those enjoyable activities, such as bowling, movies, and trip to Berkeley. IEC helped me adapt to DVC easier. I joined some student clubs and organizations too. Now, I am doing well and will transfer to a 4-year university this summer.



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