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UC Berkeley Pathway via DVC IEC to DVC to UC Berkeley DVC is #1 for UC Berkeley Transfers Transfer to UC Berkeley from Diablo Valley 2 years at DVC then transfer to UC Berkeley 2 years at DVC then transfer to UC Berkeley Diablo Vally Community College to

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Alumni Connection - Kiki (South Korea)Kiki, South Korea
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Nadya (Indonesia)

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IEC @ DVC is a CEA accredited site and has been reviewed extensively to ensure it meets the CEA Standards for English Language Programs and Institutions. CEA is recognized by the US Secretary of Education.

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EducationUSA centers are the U.S. State Department‘s network of over 400 advising centers in 170 countries designed to assist local students find the appropriate college or university in the United States. Click here find your center!

Intensive English USA is the leading source of information for international students who are researching study abroad opportunities in the US.


EnglishUSA is the only organization in the United States that includes all types of intensive English programs (IEPs). With a membership of over 400 accredited IEPs, we are the largest membership organization specifically serving and supporting IEPs in the United States.